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Power of Connection

Updated: Jul 21

Power of Connection: Social Media

The advancement of technology in today’s world has brought the world closer than ever. While many of us utilize numerous social media platforms to stay connected with people around us, excessive use can have negative consequences to our mental health.

Social media platforms are intricately designed to be entertaining, captivating users’ attention in a short period of time.

There are numerous contents on social media that are addicting to users, often getting a quick rush of dopamine. Dopamine is often described as the “pleasure hormone” in your body. Your brain will reinforce behaviors that can bring a rush of dopamine, and this explains the additive behavior we see in excessive use of social media. Especially for individuals who are diagnosed with ADHD, this addiction to social media can be extremely difficult to break away.

Social media often only portrays a person’s accolades, achievements, and embellished lifestyles. There are no social media posts of family problems, financial struggles, work stress, and mental health issues. What is portrayed on social media is not an accurate portrayal of a person’s life. Despite the unrealistic portrayal on social media, we fall in the trap of constant comparison with others. That comparison can quickly propagate feelings of low self-esteem, inadequacy, and the fear of missing out.

Humans are intrinsically wired to connect with other human beings. This social connection we form with others can impact the way we feel. For example, spending time with our loved ones can create an irreplaceable bond and bring us closer. Connecting with others can also alleviate feelings of loneliness, help with stress reduction, provide a support system, and improve your quality of life. Ironically, social media platforms that are designed to bring our society closer have created a social dilemma where people are feeling more isolated, anxious, and depressed.

The social media dilemma remains a complicated issue for today’s society. We must be aware of dangers that come with excessive use of social media and be more conscientious about mental health issues that can result from addiction to social media. When was the last time that you were able to put down your phone and enjoy the companionship of your loved ones without feeling the pressure to post something on social media?

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