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What is Behavior Therapy for Teenagers​?

Teen's Therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on young children, teens, and adolescents with their mental health related issues regarding school and home functioning.

It  provides solution to teens who struggle with mental health related issues such as anxiety, oppositional defiant behaviors,  trauma, and/or who are experiencing a dysfunctional or stressful home and school environment.


The teenage years offer plenty of opportunities for self-discovery, individuality, and personal growth but they can also involve plenty of challenges, like:

  • hormonal changes that affect moods and emotions

  • friend group shifts

  • bullying

  • school or family stress

  • stress related to global concerns, like COVID-19 or climate change


Also, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance use disorders often begin during adolescence. Many times, these issues are unrecognized and untreated for years, which can develop into psychological problems.

These issues represent just a handful of the possible obstacles standing in the way of good emotional and mental health. In short, adolescence can be a rough times, something parents might remember from their own youth.

Take depression, for example. According to 2021 statistics from Mental Health America:

  • nearly 14 percent of teens ages 12 to 17 had one or more major depressive episodes in the last year

  • almost 10 percent live with major depression

  • just under 60 percent of teens with depression never get professional support


Why do so many teenagers never get the help they need?


A number of reasons. They might find it tough to tell someone what they’re dealing with, for one. Many teens and their families also lack access to quality and affordable care.

Another reasons might be that might find the idea of seeing a therapist daunting because of feeling like they have a serious problem. One of the on going reason is physically going into a counseling center and to meet with a stranger (therapist) is not an easy task for anyone. That is why teletherapy (online-counseling) is quickly becoming the preference for teens and adults to meet at the comfort of their home. Also, Lighthouse Counseling is paneled with health-care insurance companies like Cigna, MHN Medicare, Aetna, and Optum that will cover all the cost or most of it (depending on the health-care provider) for the therapy sessions.    

What is Virtual Counseling for Teens?

Many online counseling platforms offer support to adults and also teens who might actually prefer online-counseling rather than going into a counseling facility.

Teenagers can benefit many ways from online therapy. In fact, many teens do find the idea of online therapist more appealing than sitting in an office. Since feeling more comfortable with the therapy format can make it easier to open up, they might get more out of therapy. Just like an in-person therapy, online therapists may discuss issues that teens might be going through like:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • concerns related to self-esteem or personal identity

  • bullying

  • eating disorders

  • anger


Teen Counseling therapists can also teach coping skills to better manage stress, offer guidance on navigating challenges in friendships or family relationships, and more. Guardians can also interact with therapists to get guidance and support with improving their relationship with their teen.

Teens can share any emotional and mental health symptoms with their therapist in a private video-conferencing “room” (that parents and caregivers can’t access during the session). They can address to their therapist with issues that are difficult with their parents, and the therapist can help them to recognize and process those issue in different therapy sessions.

They can also book telephone, video, or live chat sessions that happen in real time, just like face-to-face therapy sessions.


Helping your teen function best

Therapy helps teens understand the root cause of their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and gives adolescents the tools to make beneficial changes to help them feel and function better. Counseling helps teens work through issues and empowers them to use what they learn to find solutions to the issues they face.

Attending counseling sessions can help improve teen’s self-confidence, overall mood, and self-esteem. Through therapy, teens learn and strengthen vital skills such as emotion regulation, effective communication, empathy, assertiveness, and self-awareness.


Find a therapist for teenage depression & anxiety

Counseling is beneficial for teens experiencing depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. If you notice your teen showing signs of psychological or behavior issues, we urge you to contact Lighthouse Counseling Solutions to schedule an appointment. 

Counseling isn’t just for teens experiencing mental health issues. All teens can benefit from therapy. If your teen is struggling to recover from a traumatic event, we can help.

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